Thread Snobbery 101

You walk into a sewing center and there are several beautiful displays of thread.  You see the one you want, but what are all these other ones? There are large cones, small cones, cotton, polyester, variegated, 40 weight, 50 weight, 60 weight. Much like the herbs and spices used in cooking, each thread type is suited for a different application. And, as with spices, not all brands deliver the same quality results. 

Exhibit A: The contents of Katie’s bobbin case before she became a Thread Snob.

Ordinary thread can leave a trail of lint in your machine in places you cannot get to.  This will lead to poor sewing machine performance. Higher quality threads are significantly less linty and break less often. They also come in several different weights for optimal results in your quilting, embroidery and sewing projects.

Aurifil is an outstanding piecing and quilting thread. You can literally see and feel how smooth the strands are. It disappears into the fabric when piecing, and shows beautifully when quilting.

King Tut is a spectacular variegated quilting thread. It is made with long staple Egyptian cotton. The colors are so vibrant, you will want to collect them all! Some of our favorites are Nefertiti, Mummy’s Dearest and De Nile.

The Bottom Line is this…sometimes you need a really fine bobbin thread to disappear completely. The Bottom Line thread is perfect for applique, quilting and binding.  Since it is a fine weight, more can fit on a bobbin, resulting in fewer bobbin changes.

Ah, embroidery thread. We could just stand in front of a display of embroidery thread and dream all day. So many beautiful colors. Isacord comes in 432 luscious colors, some of which are not even in the rainbow they are so spectacular.

Sergers sew very fast, so a flexible, yet strong, thread is a must. Seracor is the perfect serger thread for even, clean seams.

So, come on and be a Thread Snob. It is when you realize the advantages of using high quality thread. You will spend less time with nests, fuzz and lint, rethreading and winding bobbins and have more time creating and enjoying your projects.


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