When Will You Be Open?

That is the 64 million dollar question.
It is the question that both Katie and I get asked nearly every single day.  This was a question I used to feel a little anxious answering because I did not know the answer... not entirely.  And for a while it seemed like the answer was, “In a few months”, which we said for about seven or eight months.  
Let me back up.  Katie and I started this journey in early 2013.  Naively, we thought, we would just find a space, order supplies and open our doors.  However, the deeper we got into this the more we realized we needed to do it right.  Not quick. But Right. 
Which meant that Katie and I needed to learn. We spoke with other store owners, not just in Illinois but all around the US and abroad. We spoke with sewers, quilters, and embroiderers, sewing machine manufacturers and fabric companies, pattern designers and notions companies. And, naturally, the more we talked the more we listened. 
We researched many different brands of sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery machines to determine which brand would offer the most to our customers.
And thread. Boy, is there a lot to know about thread. We learned about which kinds of cotton and manufacturing processes produce high quality thread with less lint. And we learned about the difference between polyester and rayon embroidery thread. It is all about choosing the right thread for the job. We are officially thread snobs, in a good way!
Let’s not forget about fabric and patterns! We met dozens of pattern, ruler and fabric designers. We have hand-picked the ones that inspired us the most.
As we gathered information we refined the vision of what we want The Quilter’s Trunk to be. We discovered that what we needed to do is not just support our customers but fuel their imagination!
So, when will we be open? When we are ready… and you will find it has been worth the wait.
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Happy New Year, and we will see you in the store in the Spring!

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Lisa WilberdingComment