The Seeds of The Quilter's Trunk

I have always loved fabric and sewing. My mother taught my sister and me how to sew when we were in junior high and I continued to delight in the art of sewing through my teens and early adulthood. My first big purchase when I got that first paycheck after graduate school was a sewing machine. 

But, life happened, as it so often does, and that sewing machine got a little dusty. 

When we bought our home, the windows were in desperate need of updated curtains. I pulled out the machine and made fresh window treatments throughout.  It reminded me how much I enjoyed creating with fabric and how gratifying it was to see a project like my curtains hanging for the world to see.  In the midst of this creative burst, I invested in a computerized sewing machine that could embroider.  This opened a world of terrific new projects.  All of my friends and their kids started receiving embroidered beach and bath towels as gifts.

But I still wanted to sew.  I enrolled in a quilting class, which is where I met the talented Lisa Wilberding.  She quickly showed me that quilting is more than grandma’s floral bedspread (which, by the way, I do have and I treasure it like no other keepsake).  Quilting really is art with fabric instead of paint or clay.  No two quilts and no two quilters are the same. Quilting is a pursuit where you can let your creativity run – whether it is in combining fabrics in unexpected ways, incorporating embroidery and quilting together, or designing your own appliqué pattern.  I was completely hooked.

My first project in Lisa’s class was a Bargello quilt, and the second involved appliqué.  Each week during class, as we were strip piecing and ironing, the participants would fantasize, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quilt fabric shop nearby?”

The wheels started turning. “I have a business degree, I love fabric and sewing machines, I have a supportive spouse, and I have a creative partner in Lisa. Just maybe I could pull this off?”

And The Quilter’s Trunk was born, or rather the seeds of an idea were planted. We have been tending to the seed over the last year or so and it has been an amazing experience. Over the coming months, as our store nears its opening date, Lisa and I will share our stories, and hopefully plant some seeds of inspiration for you. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to seeing you in the store!




Katie NathwaniComment