What’s in a Name…Or, Giving Birth to an Elephant

When starting a business, you have approximately 300 gazillion decisions to make. We had our concept, now the decision was what name, in 2 or 3 words, would capture the heart and soul of our business. We mulled this over for a long time.

Should it be folksy as in “Ye Old Quilt Shoppe”?...No.

Artsy as in “The Chartreuse Pig”?... No.

Use a sewing pun as in “Sew Sew Sew Your Bolt?”… Definitely Not.  

What about…

The Quilter’s Trunk.

What does that name evoke? Elephant Trunks… Steamer Trunks…Trunk Shows…All of the Above.

Why an Elephant?  Elephants are majestic symbols in many cultures, representing strength, wisdom, patience, loyalty and a cooperative spirit.  They are removers of obstacles and are good listeners. They bring good luck.

The symbolism of the elephant inspired Katie to design and create an applique wall hanging. It has two batik elephants wearing tapestries bordered by a three dimensional celtic knot.  The wall hanging is known as the Irish/Indian Elephants and reflects the cultural heritage of her daughters.

Lisa was enchanted by the elephants. The characteristics embodied by them are central to our business philosophy. And, the double meaning of the word “trunk” lends itself beautifully to our vision of a welcoming sewing boutique. She knew that the elephant from the wall hanging was our elephant.

Now, imagine a vintage Steamer Trunk. Travelers would pack them up with their necessities and embark on journeys to distant lands. The trunks themselves were not only functional, but beautiful and durable.  Upon their return, their trunks would be filled with exotic finds of unimaginable beauty – sumptuous clothes and elegant fabrics, perhaps works of art or home décor items. These treasures would be shared with family and friends.

We will bring to our quilting and sewing community a thoughtful collection of fabric and ideas to treasure. Picture dazzling aboriginal prints from Australia, the exotic colors of African fabrics, the mysterious Japanese lines and floral English gardens. Trunk shows from fabric and pattern designers will delight and inspire you to create beautiful things.

The Quilter’s Trunk is gestating nicely, waiting to be born in just a few months. Now that our store has a name, our elephant needs one. We’d love to hear your suggestions in the Comments section.

Katie & Lisa


Katie NathwaniComment